Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Christmas is Jesus / The Birth of Jesus The Christ

NO room in the inn.

Let Him be the vocal point of attention:

People are afraid of the closeness of God and in fear afraid to say yes to Jesus.

Jesus said, Fear not for I bring you great joy.

God does not rob you, He is your best friend and visitation:

The birth of Jesus coming is good news His glory is for your behalf.

The Birth of Jesus The Christ

The son of God controller of the universe!

No room at the inn, a moment of visitation and let it pass not knowing who it is, celebrating Christmas He is the furthest from their mind. God is your savior and deliverer. The promise of great news is the birth of Jesus. We have to be delivered from ourselves. He took responsibility for our sin, now and in the future. He paid full price for our sins on calvary. Jesus came here as a teacher. The knowledge of outer limits of limitation and set up and church universal and put us back on a heavenly course. Jesus revealed to the shepherds, He is alive and well. Jesus said, he who comes unto me, I will not cast him out. If you open your heart he will come unto you and show you the way.