Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Betrayal: Thirty Pieces of Silver

The master of all the universe and living matter, the Father of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son of the Holy Spirit. All living substances is divine in nature, different in kind, a vibration of matter with energy, invisible to the eye. A journey with a beating heart and soul. All life was formed by the hand of God. Born in His image, all are given a free will to live with. The warning of was given at the beginning of time. Deceived by Satan against God's will, sin comes alive in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve bore the first sin and to this day run rampant. Lucifer, a fallen angel, advised nothing would happen in eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of Knowledge. Evil with sin rules and covers this earth. Pathetic mortal values dominate the mind with greed, lust, and the pleasure of sin of temptation. With sin comes short of God's glory. The wages of sin is death without exception. God's word will never die yesterday, today and forever. The Bible is our founding document, holy and spiritual guidance and a learning covenant to live by to be followed the birth by the Virgin Mary, Jesus the Christ was born. The good news of all time. Jesus came as a teacher with wisdom and knowledge. He came to save us which is lust from temptation. Repentance is to change ones ways. Salvation is God's forgiveness and to purify us from sin and guild and puts us in God's grace. Temptation is disloyal to God the Father in disobedience. Judas Tscariot, one of Jesus' disciples, betrayed Him for greed and thirty pieces of silver. He died by his own hand. This money paid for his own burial which is Potter's field. From the highest office in governments, betrayal plays a big part of distrust and truth. Betrayal is a cause to deceive, expose, harm,corruption and self interest. All are guilty through life's journey. Unrighteousness enters the body with unworthy pleasure. Satan tries to derail your salvation in Jesus the Christ. The Kingdom of Heaven is given to the believer. A priceless gift like a hidden treasure hidden in a field. Most precious a timeless gift, life eternal. Give all the praise and glory to God the Fathe.