Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza


Anxiety: Fear with Doubt

The power of diversity is the complicity of live. Fear factor becomes part of life's journey. Awareness of things to come. Faith and fate determines one's direction. Faith is to bring trust with truth in God our Heavenly Father. Belief in the words, guidance, and the treasure is of life's well being. Unconditional love promises with everlasting life to come. Religious rulings of the Holy Bible to adhere to. The Ten Commandments to be followed. Fate becomes prevalent, a principle of desire of events to come. Fate was a determination of cause, fault, or blame. Anxiety enters the mind through depression, stress and worry. Compressed with extreme consequences. Stress and worry becomes your most worst enemy. The word changes when you do. Stress is a silent sickness, a cancer, a disease. Not to give attention to will destroy the soul. Mind over matter, God's answer to your cry is to put a period on it and let it go. Act upon your faith, don's lose yourself. There is a time and place for everything a time to live, a time to cry, a time to die. God knows why, where, and when. Your will leads you to your uncertainty. Only God's words are certain. God's gift to all humanity is sure, being certain of the live you live. Not to be certain, the spirit of gear opens the door to despair, depression, bitterness, anger, and stress. Put a stop to it before it destroys you. After a storm, the sin will shine: don't let your thunder get worse. Silence is goldn: let it be your point of view. Diversity controls the mind through expression of despair. Regression is a main factor of depression. Repentance comes true to form from guilt, unconfessed sin, through temptation from desire. God knows the heart hidden in sin before and after. Only through repentance, the savior of the soul. Through prayer gives one guidance, a spiritual value on life. To live with anxiety becomes one's imagination a delusion of thinking, a fear factor, a state of mind. Through prayer in the holy spirit, change your ways, change your life, God's answer to prayer. Give unto the Lord all your problems. In being humble in the eyes of God, we ask in the name of the Father for his grace and mercy. Blessed be in the Lord Jesus the Christ. Praise and glory to out Heavenly Father. God Himself, his son, and they Holy Spirit.