Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza



Angels are natural apparition of God.

Angels are supernatural beings with greater human power.

Angels are in multitude everywhere, in all forms.

Angels come from divine power from above; servants, messengers of God.

Angels are protectors of the faith.

Angels are signs for the moment.

Angels are divine magic.

Angels appear and disappear.

Angles are spirits of fire and light.

Angels are awesome and fearsome warriors of God.

Angels close the gap between Heaven and Earth.

Guardian Angels are assigned to all.

If you encounter Angels, you will not know who and what they look like. The angel of enunciation, Gabriel, is bringing the god news of the birth of Jesus. Saint Michael the Arc Angel is Israel's guardian Angel in the legions of the Lord. Lucifer, also and Angel, has fallen from the grace of God. There two spirits in this world; the Holy Spirit and the Demonic Spirit. Demon spirits are evil spirits of temptation; evil is subordinate to good. Satan is on the other side of fear. God is on your said of faith. God gives and shows you a way out of fear. Lucifer was once and Angel from Heaven; turned against God and was thrown out. Lucifer is also called Satan or the Devil. Demonic spirits are legions under Satan's rule; they are in the millions. God created Hell for the Devil and His angels. Hell is a real place where the squirming of serpents will never end. The depths of hell are for the mortal sinners who die in sin. You choose your eternity; God's will or yours. With the message of warning, comes the message of deliverance. Who's living on the inside of you?