Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza



How to choose when our lives break apart. Diagnosis Alzheimer's was involved. Slowly dying of our falling apart by no fault of our own. Can't comprehend what's happening. One's blessing of God accompanying one thing at a time. Such love, one's blessing in desperation, feeling loneliness, growing apart. As in sickness or health, til death do us part. How can we choose between our lives standing by for the many years now til death do us part. You can draw on the love of God. There's always a way to go ahead. The love of God will take us through. The love of God bonds betweed us. symptoms - loss of memory, feelings are intact, words stop coming out, learning stops, the brain dies slowly, an incapacitated stage. The only treatment is to give loving care, spiritual food and a better day.