Pencil From Above: Archangel Michael as Described by John Muza



My life really started with a big bang the day I broke my legs, February 28, 1988. I fell from a ladder and crushed both ankles. I laid scared on frozen ground calling for help. After about an hour someone heard my cry. I was taken to a satellite hospital, then to St. Joseph's hospital where I laid for two days before I was attended to. The pain was so excruciating, like you wouldn't believe. All that I had in my life laid where I had fallen. My whole life flashed before my eyes. That's the day I had to depend on someone else and any and all who would help me. That same night I called upon the Lord to help me. He reached down and gave me the strength and comfort. The Sunday morning before the doctors operated on my legs. On Monday I was inspired by God to write about pain and the ability to witness to His love and mercy. Everyone of this earth carries pain of some sort. All pain comes from disobedience to God. From that Sunday to now I have written gospels every Sunday morning. My gospels are of the apostle Paul Philippians 2:13. I can do all things through Jesus the Christ that strengthens me alleluia. I try to live the rest of my life dedicated to my Father Jesus the Christ. I am a sinner. All have sinned and are not worthy in the presence of God. I am a Catholic and am on the Board of Directors in the Full Gospel Business Men's International. Throughout the week I also write spiritual inspirations in regard to the words of the Bible. These sayings are passed out among a few people with great satisfaction. I pnnted them in sequence, ten a week. I pray one day to get them published and marketed. I would like them in book form for those interested in this type of presentation. I believe with all my heart this will happen. I have to this day wrote one hundred weeks, one thousand spiritual inspirations; the rest of my life -- my main interest is philosophy -- wisdom -- and knowledge and to administer the good news to others. Jesus the Christ always reaches down, it's you that has to reach up...

My dream is to one day soon see my spiritual writings published in book form as well as here on this website. I am a simple man living in the Midwest with modest means and failing eyesight. If you enjoyed these writings on the website, please consider giving a donation (any amount helps) so that I can continue publishing online and eventually publish these messages for humanity in book form as well. People donating $35 or more will receive a free copy of my book when it is published. I would also like to help the poor, homeless and disadvantaged, and I plan to set up a foundation to help them with any excess donations or profits from my book sales. Thank you! God bless!